Genzuba is a renovation of the 2nd floor of an old shipbuilding factory to a shared office space in Minato-machi in Niigata City. In many shipbuilding factories, the second floor was used to actually design the ships. They needed curved paper and other supplies to make an actual-sized drawing of the ships, and, because of this, this area doesn't have any pillars. For these reasons, this area is called "Genzuba" in Japanese, literally meaning "actual drawing area". Because of the emergence of computers, numerical control machinery, and large-scale printers, the need for such a space nowadays is nonexistent. In order to bring out the place's original, intrinsic feel, we installed the minimum amount of partitions possible to the abundant space in order to maximize the view of the river. For example, from a window that was installed with a view just of the sea, people in the office can view several large-scale ships flow by, creating a confusing feeling of whether it's the boats that are actually moving or if the building is. In these ways the nearby ocean and the openness of the room create an interesting atmosphere.

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