collective house on the table/Life on the table

Located in the center of Niigata City lies an apartment complex catering to people living alone. In Japan, as of 2005, 30% of all households are people living alone, and that percent is expected to jump to 40% in 2030.
Just like devices such as iPods and cell phones allow people to enjoy spending time by themselves, this new type of apartment complex ensures that people can enjoy the company
of others while living alone.
There are private rooms where each of the five residents at the complex live, and a common area where they can gather. Unique to this common area is a large table, part of
which people outside of the building can freely use as well. Also, events can be arranged so that non- residents can come for events such as a cooking workshop or a flea market.
Many types of arrangements are available for owning and using the complex such as buying the complex, becoming the landlord, and renting it out to others; or having several
owners and using the complex as a shared house. Either way, this complex gives a new twist on the idea of living alone.

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