i house/House renovation in Aomori

This project was to remodel the second floor of a three-story, steel frame constructed building that was built 33 years ago.
Located in a business district in Aomori City, the building was faced with changes to its surrounding environment: the empty lot on the east side of the building was turned into a
building while the building on the west side was taken down to become a parking lot. Thus, the purpose of the project was to improve the inhabitants' living conditions affected
by the changes.
With a width of 7.7m and a depth of 20m, the architect separated the floor into seven areas.
In the south area of the floor where light from the outside comes into the building, the architect placed a one-room living room, dining room, and kitchen, and a workspace.
The two areas on the west side of the floor, where there are only a few windows that let in the light from outside, were made into a gallery with a ceiling height of 3.200mm to
allow light to reach every room. Throughout the planning the designer made sure to ensure a line of flow to allow the residents to see each area of the floor unobstructed.
When going to other rooms, the residents have to travel through the gallery.
Because of this, without the inclusion of doors or other dividers, privacy is still maintained throughout the floor. Also, the gallery compliments each room's small dimensions.
In this way, the gallery's space accommodates a certain degree of clutter that would appear messy in the smaller rooms such as scattered children's toys or items used by the client
in their free time.

principal use
total floor area
steel flame
structural design

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