shiba house/House in Sekiya

The site is in Chuo Ward, Niigata City, in a long-established, quiet residential area formed on dune land.
The demolition of an elegant company housing complex created a large plot of land surrounded by seven houses.
The house is planned on an open, flat site up a 2.5 m wide, 30 m long driveway from the road.

As the area is on a slope, the ground floors of most of the neighboring houses are reinforced concrete structures,
supporting the earth pressure, and used as private rooms and garages, while the second floors are used as the LDK and bathroom.
Because of this, the streets are devoid of life, with concrete walls and shutters lined up inorganically and quietly.

In contrast to such a townscape, the challenge in this project was to create an open-plan house using the advantages of the topography and landscape that are distinctive to this site with a unique comfort level,
while still allowing people to feel the life in the house from the outside.

The private rooms on the ground floor are planned to be intimate with the terrain, as if they were living directly on the dunes,
with garden trees, furniture, and furnishings arranged directly along the undulations of the land.
Wall materials employed outdoors go directly into the interior and those employed indoors go directly outdoors.

By opening the sashes wide and concealing all frames, the boundary between indoors and outdoors becomes more complex and ambiguous, which creates the feeling of living on expansive sand dunes.

The LDK is planned as a sizeable tunnel-like space with a slight curve at the end of the staircase from the first to the second floor after a seemingly undulating staircase.
All sides of the LDK are wall storage, housing household goods and daily necessities, as well as concealed accesses to rooms such as the toilet, bathroom, and even the study.
Large openings at both ends of the tunnel were planned to block out direct light and let in only diffracted and reflected light from the white walls to fill the space with a steady,soft glow.
The experience of being on either of a slightly curved tunnel makes the space seem more extensive and more distant than it is, while at the same time, the cityscape and distant landscape seen through the opening seem closer, as if you can grasp it with your hands.

The house is built with a critical approach to the current townscape of the site, while at the same time learning from the traditional and robust way of building houses on the site.
The openness of the building and the intimacy with the outdoors, as if life in the house extends and melts into the succession of dunes and the townscape, are realized.

principal use
total floor area
207.7㎡(including garage)
project architect
Ryoichi Aida
structural design
Tetsuya Tanaka(Tetsuya Tanaka Structural Engineers)
Mitsuo Ichikawa(Kurita Construction)
Landscaping work
Toshiya Ogino(Ogino Landscape design)
lighting design
Aiko Furukawa ・  Teppei Takahashi(DAIKO TACT)
©Koji Fujii(toreal)